Welcome to Mike and Jacqui Goodey's Home Page

Last updated 30th July 2014

This page is currently only used as a source for various Amateur Radio programs that I have developed. It is also a serious contender for the least interesting home page on the net.

WE HAVE A MAILING LIST - please join, and use it for any discussion you want, but especially related to the contest program!

The list is on YahooGroups, and is G0GJVList@yahoogroups.com

To subscribe to this send a blank email to G0GJVList-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and reply to the email you will receive to confirm the subscription.

Minos is now open source

and can be found at


This means I REALLY need some help. I don't have a lot of spare time, and a lot of the things below just won't happen without help.

Not just programming though - among the things needed are:

- graphics - in particular icon design. I like the panda icon, but that is its only relevance! We could do with a collection of icons for the various programs in the suite.

- a user manual, or at least SOME user documentation. Berlios gives us a Wiki, so that could be the way to start this.

- a help file would be useful as well. It may be possible to make the wiki into the helpfile (issue a snapshot with the program, with the program providing links into it)

- testing. I know you all do some of this in practice, but people who will actively look for bugs are needed.

- and of course if anyone wants to help with the programming side, they will be most welcome.

Older Programs

G0GJV VHF Contest Logging System - V2005.1.1 - Current version

G0GJV Logging Program current bug list

Steve Tenchy G1YBB has produced an add-on, giving "best bearings" from the draft print file. This is a 32 bit Windows program, and you can get it from Steve's Amateur Radio pages at:


Grid Conversion Programs

Other Contest Logging Programs

Send me Email.

Bracknell and other Links.

The Bracknell club home page is at http://www.g4bra.org.uk/

The VHFCC home page is currently at http://www.vhfcc.org/