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Page updated 19/12/2008

What am I doing? Why isn't there a 2006 version?

The 2005/1 version is the last version to be done for DOS.

Note that the IARU now refuse to accept ANY logs that are not in Reg1Test format. Minos has Reg1Test as the default entry format.

The VHFCC will continue to accept any reasonable format, RSGB.LOG and Reg1Test included.

VERSION - 2005/1

I've added a facility for the Microwave fraternity - Alt/X toggles a cross-band marker, which will be exported, and automatically halves the score for the contact. It also shows in the "force log" dialog.

I've also changed the default new filename, to include the current date. I can't do much more than that in DOS 8.3 filenames. This makes creating new contests easier (you won't get clashing filenames) and also makes it easier to see when a particular contest file was created - often showing the actual contest date.

It has the facility (in conteste) to go through all the details for an entry before exporting the .LOG file.

I DO NOT save these details in the GJV file, as this would entail a format change. I'm not going to change this until we move to the Windows version - which has a totally new native format.

This version also copes with the rule change for 2005 moving to "commenced kilometer" scoring; don't worry about it - the VHFCC rescores all logs anyway!

2005 rule changes – commenced kilometer scoring
"Section" added to main contest dialog
Names may be added to operator callsigns; menu entry (Modify|operator details) to go through them
Entry details loaded and gone through on saving .LOG file
Alt/R gives a “reverse bearing” on screen
Conteste now has a “default log directory”; see F10|Contest Manager
Email and www domain name change
Revision number displayed in about box (for the developers, I’ve changed from CVS to SubVersion for source code control)
Latest CTY.DAT file
Beacon .csl files removed; latest R1 beacon PDF file included instead

Download GJV2005V1.EXE (675,879)

If you find bugs, or have any suggestions for improvements in the logging system, then please Send me Email! - or use the mailing list
As bugs are found I will post them on:

Logging Program current bug list.

I now also have a program that will export from a GJV file in ADIF format, allowing contest logs to be exported to general logging software. This program should be unzipped into the same directory as the main logging software, as it uses the same control files. (Also updated to use CTY.dat/CTY.syn) This program is likely to receive a range of enhancements!

Download (760,178)

If you should want them then Send me Email - I'm no longer using up space here with them.


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